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What is my "Career Level"?

We base our resume writing fees on a number of factors, including your career level. For example, a resume for an executive with over 30 years of experience is more complex and will take longer to prepare than a resume for a new graduate; therefore, the fees will be higher for the executive resume. 

The information below represents general guidelines only.
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Professional Level:

  • 3-7 years of experience. 
  • May have supervisory or team leader experience.
  • Target salaries ranging from $50,000 to $80,000 annually.
  • Examples: Senior Accountant, Senior Auditor, Senior Analyst, Trader, Medical Professional, Nurse (RNs, LPNs), and K-12 Teacher with a 4 year degree. (Teachers with Masters degrees, University Professors or Doctorates may require a CV - see below. Education Administrators are Mid-Level Management.).
  • Professional-level resumes are usually two pages in length.

    See Fee Ranges for Professional Level

Senior Professional Level/Mid-Level Management:

  • 8-15 years of experience.
  • Directs people and/or departments.
  • Manages operations and/or projects.
  • May manage department budgets or project budgets.
  • Target salaries ranging from $80,000 to $130,000 annually.
  • Examples: Supervisor, Office Manager, Production Manager, Accounting Manager, Finance Manager, Audit Manager, Restaurant Manager, Operations Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Account Manager, HR Manager, District Sales Manager, Financial Manager, Purchasing Manager, Plant Manager, Bank Manager, and Education Administrators.
  • Senior Professional Level resumes are almost always at least two pages long, but length may vary depending on the needs of the client.

    See Fee Ranges for Senior Professional Level/Management

Executive/Senior-Level Management:

  • 15-30+ years of experience.
  • Target salaries ranging from $130,001 to $900,000+ annually.
  • Oversees Mid-Level Management and multiple departments. May manage multiple facilities. May manage national or global operations.
  • Manages budgets and has P&L accountability.
  • Examples: All Senior Executives, from Director-Level to C-Level, including CEO, CFO, CIO, COO, Vice President, General Manager, Director of (Department), etc.
  • Executive Resumes are usually two to three pages long, but occasionally a client will require additional pages. Some Executive resumes include a separate addendum with additional details.
  • Executives may also require a one-page Biography or other career documents.  See our special add-on services for more details.

    See Fee Ranges for Executives/Senior-Level Management

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