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Professional Resume Writing Services

All Resume Packages Include:

  • A Professionally Written Resume - Formatted in Microsoft Word (.doc), Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf), and ASCII/Scannable (.txt).
  • Cover Letter


Professional's Resume Package (3-7 years of experience) - This is the perfect choice for professionals building their careers. We will develop your unique selling propositions and emphasize your education and accomplishments which stand as the foundation of your career and resume at this point. Additional concentration will address relevant skills acquired, job responsibilities, awards, and certifications. This package is directed toward experienced staff and senior level professionals.

Your Investment: ranging from $499 - $699 

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Senior Professional's Resume Package (8-15 years of experience) - This package is customized towards professionals with management to executive goals. Resumes at this level are designed with an acute focus on career progression as it relates to career aspirations. It also highlights your projects supervised, accomplishments, and tangible experiences that spotlight your future goals.

Your Investment: ranging from $699 - $949

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Executive's Resume Package (12+ years of experience) - At this level, resumes are tailored specifically to highlight your leadership, decision making, and critical thinking skills. We will focus on accomplishments that facilitate change, increase revenue, improve efficiency, and ultimately showcase your value. The aforementioned achievements and your unique selling propositions are what will truly separate you from the competition! This resume is strongly accomplishments focused. This package is directed toward C-level, Senior and Vice President level, and Director level professionals.   

Your Investment: ranging from $949 - $1349 

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Job Search Consulting

Career management and the job search process are more than just creating an eye-grabbing resume and searching through online job boards. In the complex and competitive labor market of today, it is essential to have definitive career goals and a strategy for obtaining them.

LinkedIn Profile Development and Tutorial
LinkedIn is a primary source for hiring managers in searching for candidates (over 75% of hiring managers claim that it is #1!). In this day and age, as a progressive job seeker, you must have a well-written, keyword-rich, SEO-focused, and accomplishment-driven LinkedIn Profile.  If your profile is not garnering the attention it deserves - quantified by the amount of views your page receives and times your profile comes up in search results - this is an essential service for you. 

Discover how to get the most out of LinkedIn after your profile is complete.  We'll show you the myriad ways it can take your job search to the next level, whether it's contacting hiring managers directly or developing a broad professional network to reach out to when you need a new career. 


Starting at $449 with a resume package

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Starting at $699 ala carte

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Interview Preparation
So your resume has finally landed you an interview!  Make sure to make it count.  We'll take you through the process for phone screens and in-person interviews, preparing you with practical advice, strategies, and practice sessions, with both expected and unexpected questions, to ensure you ace the interview.

This is a 1 to 1.5-hour meeting, with a 30-minute follow-up conversation, and includes preparation for before, during, and after the interview.  All the research techniques, question preparation, salary negotiation, thank-you notes, reference sheets, and other follow-up tips you'll need.  As a recruiter, I will tell you what they are really asking with such questions as "What are your strengths and weaknesses?"  This service is available in person or via Skype video, depending on your location.

Investment: $299

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A La Carte Services

Cover Letter
Studies show that 80% of employers prefer to receive a cover letter with the resume – and 30% will actually toss resumes sent without one!  As your initial introduction to a potential employer or recruiting agency, it is imperative that you make a great impression.  It is crucial that your cover letter is well written and tailored to your desired position. We will create an attractive and attention-grabbing document that illustrates why this job opportunity was created for YOU by highlighting your strengths and unique selling points in relation to the hiring manager’s exact needs.

Investment: $200

Executive Bio
As a successful executive, with an extensive leadership background and a significant number of stellar achievements, there are times when you'll need something more compact than a full resume.  An Executive Biography or Profile is a concise, one-page overview of your resume for times when a "quick read" is needed.  Examples include: your company website, other social media portals (like Facebook), promotional material for speaking engagements, bios for periodicals, etc.

Investment: Starting at $449


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