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"WOW!! I want to hire myself ! I knew Ty was going to improve my resume, but wow, this greatly exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended."  — Gene K., Corporate Controller

Sample Resumes

Need an impactful, targeted, achievement focused resume that can set you apart and catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers--even in a ultra competitive market?

Every resume written by Norwood Consulting Group is customized and:

Targeted – Your resume will focus on you, your desired role, and your specific career direction.  A vague resume just won’t cut it; when you’re applying for a particular opening, field, or discipline, everything on your resume needs to be directed towards that aim, including cross-functional skills.  When hiring managers read your resume, they will be able to see immediately why you are a fit for their need, what you bring to a particular role or discipline, and why they should hire YOU over other candidates!

Keyword-Rich – The resume is branded and researched to include the most relevant keywords within your specific industry. You can be assured that the critical keywords for your position are well placed so your resume is noticed by HR professionals, recruiters, hiring managers, and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

Achievement-Focused – Your resume is designed to highlight your unique value propositions — emphatically answering for hiring managers the essential questions: “What do you bring to the table?” and “Why should I hire you?”  It will focus on quantifiable achievements that reflect how you positively influence a company’s bottom line by: improving efficiency; increasing revenue, profit margins, and Return on Investment; and reducing expenses, losses, and liabilities.

These C-Level, VP, Director, and Manager level sample resumes across several industries have opened doors to prestigious jobs at world-renowned Fortune-ranked corporations.

CFO | Chief Financial Officer | Vice President | VP of Finance Sample Resume

Attorney | Legal Sample Resume

Tax Director | VP of Tax Sample Resume

Sales | Marketing Sample Resume

IT Engineer | Business Process Engineer | Enterprise Architect Sample Resume

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