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Tax Director Sample Resume

Need a resume that WINS interviews and brands you as a results-driven leader?

Resumes like the sample below have opened doors and won interviews for prestigious jobs at Fortune-ranked corporations.

Do you need a branded, strategically designed resume to get noticed? This Tax Director resume secured SEVERAL interviews in a bad economy.

Notice that this document is more than just powerful verbiage. It delivers strategic branding and a unique selling proposition that won this Tax Director the role of Vice President of Tax!

" I was hesitant at first about investing in having my resume professionally written, but I am so glad I did. Tyrone did an OUTSTANDING job with my resume. The difference was night and day. I would HIGHLY recommend that you use Tyrone for resume writing and career coaching services. Thanks!"  — Patrick S.

Download the Adobe Acrobat PDF version here

Tax Director Sample Resume #1 page 1Tax Director Sample Resume Page #2

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